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About us

Welcome to flickie!

flickie is an independently developed and privately owned site where you can upload, share and watch videos of interest and share comments with others.

The site was established for the need to provide a censor-free community that would provide common and basic information that BIG Techs are censoring.

Self-education and self-learning through multiple media is in today's world a big part of our life. Video platforms are a major source of people's daily feed of information. 

The flickie platform offers a good range of categories for videos that give people around the world a wide variety of topics to interact with. 

All videos uploaded to are stored on a decentralized storage system that uses private computers, servers, and NAS globally.  Everyone that provides part of their private computer, server or NAS is paid for the space used and bandwidth used by the company providing this great alternative service.

We hope you enjoy flickie as much as we do!

flickie TEAM

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