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How long are Shorts videos?

A shorts video is only 120 seconds long.

What size should I make my movie cover image?

The movie cover image should be w 230px X h 345px for best viewing.

What size should I make my video cover image?

The best size to make your video image is w 1920px X h 1080px. This size will give you video a very clear image on the features home page top banner.

What size do I make my Avatar & Cover?

For your Avatar 400px x 400px save as .jpg
For your Banner Cover L 1832px x H 250px save as .jpg

What video resolutions does flickie support?

flickie currently supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2048p & 4096p.

My video has converted but only shows and plays 240p?

The server will process the smallest file first being 240p and once this is done all the others will show up as they are completed.

Can I earn money from my videos?

Yes, free accounts show in-video ads, so for every advertisement click, you can make a few cents.

Can I except donations for my channel?

Yes, you can add your PayPal email address to receive donations.

What is the maximum file upload size?

The maximum upload size is 2GB, however, this will be restricted by how fast your upload speed is before the server times out.