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⁣Did you know that in the eyes of the state you're actually considered a commodity, and that your birth certificate has a certain value on the Stock Exchange? Knowing this can help you defend yourself against the state, however, when they try to use their Mafia-like tactics to rob you of your wealth and/or basic liberties.

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⁣This is how they made us stocks for them to buy and sell

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Did you know that you have been shafted?

⁣You are 'slave' and know it not!.

Maritime Admiralty Law runs the world, 'common law' is an illusion. You are a 'commodity', you are bought and sold on the stock market daily. Your parents "sold you' to the state when you came out of the womb!

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These dirty cops and many like then need to be arrested and charged for there crimes and puninshed to the full extent of the law.