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⁣Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy are the trusted divorce lawyers in Abu Dhabi. This video explores UAE divorce by mutual consent: circumstances in the court and waiting period explained. Visit our website or or call us at +971 4 325 4000 / +971 2 650 1211 for more information.

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⁣Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy are confidential family lawyers in Dubai. This video explores UAE family law-prioritizing the best interest of the child in custody matters. Visit our website or or call us at +971 4 325 4000 / +971 2 650 1211 for more information.

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⁣Google is in the drug business.
Google has implemented its "algorithmic update" to block or push any natural health or services websites to the back by up to 99% in order to promote its investment in drugs and vaccines.

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⁣In this video, Mikki share a few critical secrets he's learned after serving over twenty years on the frontlines of many of our nation's biggest scandals and protests. Please take 7 minutes to watch this video, then SHARE IT FAR AND WIDE.

-Mikki Willis

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⁣LOCK STEP, page 18 of the "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" book published by The Rockefeller Foundation May 2010 describes COVID-19.

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Police State Contagion US Plan to Use Bioweapons to Impose Martial Law One Quarantine at a Time
Aired October 21st 2014 New York City

By Harry Vox
Investigative Journalist

Human Ebola Virus Species October 4, 2012
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National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 December 10, 1974
National Security Study Memorandum.pdf
Download Link:

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⁣Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer report on two documents called Crimson Contagion 2019 and Ending the Cycle of Crisis and Complacency.

Crimson Contagion Shows Bill Gates Blueprint For “COVID” Launch

Crimson Contagion was the last main drill before they launched the COVID-19 attack on the world. They used Event 201 as a cover for Crimson Contagion and Ending the Cycle of Crisis and Complacency.


Backup Downloads
Crimson Contagion:
Ending the Cycle of Crisis and Complacency:

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⁣H.R.748 - 116th Congress (2019-2020) Introduced in House 24 Jan 2019

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

This bill responds to the COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses.

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⁣Nanotechnology Used in Over 2,000 Food Items Goes Unlabeled Due to Weird FDA Loophole

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⁣Donald Trump’s “Free Speech” plan announced December 15, 2022
⁣If we don't have free speech, then we just don't have a free country, it's that simple.

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⁣Donald Trump and his Administration Focusing to end childsex and human trafficking

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First Published ⁣OCTOBER 31 2020

Trump is the Great Restart. Trump is standing in the way of The Great Reset and all the elite's evil agendas you see in the news. Let's take you back to where the real fight happened and show you the history made in 2017.
SHARE this Video Far and Wide in the hopes that Millions more will finally awaken to this extremely important Truth that the Cabal have been taken down.

Presentation by Charlie Freak and Bonfire Guy

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First ⁣Published January 24, 2021

The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan, Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein's Island, Wuhan, China, Walmart Stores, Evergreen Shipping, and the New Silk Road to Venice...

- Ghislaine Maxwell's
- 2,3,4 & 5G
- Wuhan, China
- Children
- Yangtze River
- Adrenochrome
- ASTANA, Kazakhstan
- Walmart

This is absolutely unbelievable.

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First ⁣Published January 30, 2021

Incredible dot connecting and divine inspiration from the one and only Charlie Freak.
If you need a massive dose of positivity, listen up... this'll BLOW YOUR MIND!!

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⁣George Green, former investment banker, speaks out about NWO

⁣George is a former investment banker that has a military background and has apparently worked alongside the elite. He has been speaking out for decades (since the 1990s) and has since passed-away (in mid-2019).

He relates how a powerful group of people control every major decision on Earth. They advance “The PLAN 2000″ (renamed Agenda 21 and other names) to begin World War III – a mass depopulation plan to kill billions by any means necessary. George reveals how the power elite had planned Earth’s financial collapse for decades, and published apparently channelled books to give away for free to help people awaken and prepare for it by lifting mankind out of the entrapment of the victim consciousness.

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⁣Written by Susan Dunham | 100 Percent Fed Up

The battlefield is still warm, following Canada’s war on the unvaccinated. The mandates have
let up, and both sides stumble back into something that looks like the old normal — except
that there is a fresh and present injury done to the people we tried to break. And no one
wants to talk about it.

Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the
unvaccinated. And as a deputized collective, we force-multiplied that pain, taking the fight
into our families, friendships, and workplaces. Today, we face the hard truth that none of it
was justified — and, in doing that, uncover a precious lesson.

It was a quick slide from righteousness to cruelty, and however much we might blame our
leaders for the push, we’re accountable for stepping into the trap despite better judgment.

We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the
shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. We said
they hadn’t “done the right thing” by turning their bodies over to state care — even though
we knew that principled opposition to such a thing is priceless in any circumstance. And we
truly let ourselves believe that going into another ineffectual lockdown would be their fault,
not the fault of toxic policy.

⁣And so it was by the willful ignorance of science, civics, and politics that we squeezed the
unvaccinated to the degree that we did.

We invented a new rubric for the good citizen and — failing to be one ourselves — took
pleasure in scapegoating anyone who didn’t measure up. After months of engineered
lockdowns, having someone to blame and to burn simply felt good.

So we cannot hold our heads high, as if believing we had logic, love, or truth on our side while
we viciously wished death upon the unvaccinated. The best we can do is sit in the awareness
of our rabid inhumanity for having cast so many aside.

Most of us who pilloried the noncompliant did it because it seemed like certain victory, like
the unvaccinated would never make it through unbroken. Indeed, the promised new normal
looked unbeatable, so we sided with it and made punching bags out of the holdouts.

But betting against them has been a scathing embarrassment for many of us who’ve now
learned that the mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not through quiet
compliance that we avoided endless domination by pharmaceutical companies and medical
checkpoints at every doorway. It was thanks to the people we tried to tear down.

⁣So for those of us not among the hopeless few that pray for the return of mandates, we
might find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated. We took the bait by hating them, but
their perseverance bought us the time to see we were wrong.

It seems right now like the mandates will return, but this time there’s hope that more of us
will see them for what they are: a rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our
wellbeing. If there’s an enemy, it’s the confidence game of state power and the transparent
attempt to tear us apart. Heeding that looks like our best shot at redemption.

⁣Written by Susan Dunham.

⁣Susan Dunham can be found on Instagram @susankaydunham and at Susan Dunham on Medium.

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⁣⁣Covid-19: Part 5 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times.

⁣By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

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⁣Covid-19: Part 6 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times.
Health Care Worker Whistleblowers about Money & Murder in Hospitals…

⁣By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

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⁣Covid-19: Part 4 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times: About nose swabs and PCR. This is part 21 of God-knows-how-many-parts-in-total. Part 22 will be uploaded as soon as it’s ready. If you liked this part, please consider supporting our work:

By ⁣Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter, with music by Alexander Nakarada.

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