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⁣Holographic regenerating med beds can regrow limbs and restore damaged organs. Regenerating medical
med beds make every other medical technology you have ever heard of obsolete.

⁣A holographic camera that is the most remarkable thing, this camera takes a picture of you, then they remove the film, the film has your picture from the moment you were conceived to the present moment your entire life right there.

Let's assume that you are suffering from cancer, what they'll do is take a portion of that slide when your body was the strongest and remove it from the rest of the film, then they will put it back into the camera and project that holographic image over your body and within moments you are healed, it's just that quick!

⁣‘Within a year’s time or so, almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete!’
President Trump June 14, 2020

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⁣Plasma water can grow back fingers just by soaking it in the water 3 times a day!!

There are ways to cure the body by using different wavelengths of light.

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⁣Technology already exsits in a number of ways that you can reverse your age by regenerating your cells.

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⁣Cloning humans with your own DNA, the clone will remember everything you have done in your lifetime.

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⁣This technology is over 50 years old, but it has all been kept secret from us so they could keep us sick and take our money.

The understanding of how this technology works is through the understanding of frequency.

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⁣The New healing table uses light and fiber optic arms along with a smart table and holographic projection of your body to show where to repair your body. This could be in every home one day in the near future.

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⁣Imagine having a CAT Scanner on your Mobile Smart Phone that is 400 times better than current CAT Scanners in hospitals today. Well, it is coming...

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⁣During the last 3 years, the global financial system has been busy converting its international payment systems to the new ISO 20022 banking standard.

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⁣November 6, 2020, Special thanks to Dr. Charlie Ward and David Jackman for the updated video. Special thanks to the National Quantum Initiative for their VISION in Artificial Intelligence and the Quantum Information Science Research and Development Plan.

He was given authority, glory, and sovereign power; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.

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50-year-old technology will be rolling out around the world to heal everyone.

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⁣Do you know how to turn a plastic bottle into a sandwich, a T-shirt, or a phone?

In the Creative Society, every family will have 2 new devices: a recycler and a replicator. With their help, we’ll be able to recycle garbage and generate anything from gourmet food to high-tech gadgets. After all, all material objects consist of the same elements and the main thing is to place them in the right combination.

Even today, people are able to make molecule drinks by printing them on 3D printers! Making food in replicators is no longer a fantasy, but only the next technological step.

However, such progress is possible only if we change the current consumer format of society to a creative one and build a happy world that is not shameful to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Join us! The Creative Society Project is open to everyone!
Our Survival Is in Unity” with interpretation into 150 languages of the world:

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⁣Joe Imbriano published a video on youtube on February 11 2018 warning and explaining how the current wireless and new wireless systems coming are making you sick and how they plan to kill you under the name of a FAKE Virus.

Joe studied at UCI and has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and biological science.

60-GHz oxygen band

Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation

To see more on Joes work go to:
The Fullerton Informer

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