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Dr.Bryan Ardis, Exposing The Serpent of CV-19

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⁣Dr.Bryan Ardis, Exposing The Serpent of CV-19
Scott McKay hosts an interview with Dr.Bryan Ardis
Exposing The Serpent of CV-19

The wall street journal

Inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum phospholipase A2 by chloroquine, quinine, and arteether

Inhibition of hemorrhagic activity of viper venoms by N-acetyl cysteine: involvement of N-acetyl and thiol groups

Antimalarials Inhibit Human Erythrocyte Membrane Acetylcholinesterase

Chapter 16 - Chemical and Biological Warfare in Antiquity

The Indian cobra reference genome and
transcriptome enables comprehensive
identification of venom toxins

DCGI gives final approval to COVID-19 vaccine Corbevax for 12-18 year olds

Moderna co-founder using mRNA technology to treat venomous snakebites

Moderna Official Venom Pharmacy

cobas® SARS-CoV-2 - Help prevent the silent spread of SARS-CoV-2

Cobas Patent

Douglas hamp ministries

These life-saving drugs are made from deadly venom

Judy Mikovits Interview - PLANDENIC

Judy Mikovits The Follow up Interview - PLANDENIC


Where Did the New Coronavirus Come From? Potentially a Bat, Snake, or Pangolin

Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

No, snakes probably aren’t the source of that new coronavirus in China

“Snake Pneumonia” – Coronavirus Outbreak in China Traced to Snakes by Genetic Analysis

Cross‐species transmission of the newly identifiedcoronavirus 2019‐nCoV


Codon usage bias

Snake venom can now be made in a lab

Pfizer files EUA application for Covid-19 drug Paxlovid

Hydrogel infused with snake venom stops bleeding within seconds

Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality

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4.11.22 Patriot Streetfighter Interview w/ Dr. Bryan Ardis, Exposing The Serpent of CV-19

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