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Dr Lee Merritt Parasite Protocol The New Parasite Paradigm (October 20th 2022)

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⁣This is probably the key to everything.
For the Vaxxed, for the Unvaxxed. Here is an explanation of the natural and synthetic parasites we are facing, and a guide to the three things you need to do to protect yourself and your family. I do not believe the vaccine is an irreversible step.

NOTES: mRNA is too expensive to make. In 2018 a mRNA treatment cost $1 million and now only 2-3 years later they have it for billions of people for only $30 per dose? She says it doesn't make sense. She shows a short German video about Cancer as a parasitical infection. Questions Dr Lee Merritt asked herself: Why are cancers bursting out after the vax? Why does autoimmune disease respond to anti parasitical?

Why do THEY (Fauci & others) hate antiparasiticals? Why can't we find mRNA's in these vaxxines? 18 labs around the country can NOT find mRNA's inside the vaxxines. Parasites & cancer under the microscope look identical. Shows Karen Kingstons work where they couldn't make a biological bioweapon work so used a synthetic nanoparticle smart hydrogel which IS the real spike protein. With this stuff in the body and 5G turned on it binds with the ACE-2 pathway and people get sick.

Dose the population & control disease outbreak with external wavelength (5G). The best thing we can do right now is take the antiparasiticals. Mother parasite laying eggs. She gives off a hormone that keep the eggs unhatched but if she dies the eggs hatch. Specific time cycles to do the 3 day cycles. (28 minute mark) Start with a SHORT CYCLE of 3 days on & 5 days off. Gradually lengthen your cycle (Watch for a reaction). 2 months minimum. Once you can get to 3 days on & one month off you are on MAINTENANCE.

In summary, parasites are at the heart of this. She like Chlorine Dioxide but if you tell anyone to take it you could go to jail. Check out her site THE MEDICAL REBEL as she has a simple guide on Chlorine Dioxide.

Use at least 2 drugs for the cycles. Dr Lee Merritt uses NITAZOXANIDE & FENBENDAZOLE.
NITAZOXANIDE (Alinia) 500mg twice daily for 3 days. Gut parasites (It takes out hydra (A freshwater parasite). Super duper stuff that gets rid of 85% tapeworms in 3 days.
FENBENDAZOLE (Panacur C) cycle- Gets into the brain & cysts)- 750mg daily for 3 days.

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