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Is Australia already at Net Zero CO2

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Published ⁣Mar 6, 2023
“Australia exports 2.5 times more carbon in fossil fuels than it emits from burning them, the most recent analysis of the nation's carbon stocks shows. The CSIRO study is the first full carbon budget yet completed for Australia and is part of a global project to better track carbon emissions.”

In 2013 ABC reported that Australia had already reached net zero two and a half times over.

Since then Australia has reduced its CO2 emissions from over 600 million tonnes to less than 500 million tonnes. So we are closer to absorbing four times more CO2 than we emit.

It’s worth noting that the CO2 absorbed by phytoplankton in our oceans isn’t even counted.

Yet when one clicks on the link to the CSIRO report in the ABC article it is no longer there. See the link below or on my website.?

I asked the CSIRO in estimates why the link was removed. They aren’t trying to hide how much CO2 is taken up by Australia’s natural environment, are they?

Surely if Australia is already at net zero multiple times over there is no need to build renewables that are expensive and bad for the environment right?

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