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This Technology Will Change the World Forever | The Secret of the Replicator Is Finally Revealed

63 Views· 27-01-23

⁣Do you know how to turn a plastic bottle into a sandwich, a T-shirt, or a phone?

In the Creative Society, every family will have 2 new devices: a recycler and a replicator. With their help, we’ll be able to recycle garbage and generate anything from gourmet food to high-tech gadgets. After all, all material objects consist of the same elements and the main thing is to place them in the right combination.

Even today, people are able to make molecule drinks by printing them on 3D printers! Making food in replicators is no longer a fantasy, but only the next technological step.

However, such progress is possible only if we change the current consumer format of society to a creative one and build a happy world that is not shameful to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Join us! The Creative Society Project is open to everyone!
Our Survival Is in Unity” with interpretation into 150 languages of the world:

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